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Aqaba Port Marine Service Company
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We participate in Learning! ‎

YEP MED is a training program launched in Aqaba by Aqaba Development Corporation as a part of the full training program by EU and Mediterranean Ports Community for supporting the learning and training of youth and women, to enhance their capabilities and provide opportunities in logistics and transport sector including Maritime industry.
APMSCO participated in this program by training session to participants about marine services and its role and contribution to the port of Aqaba. Also APMSCO participated in TEP MED program by a motivational session on building a career in the logistics sector.
Regardless COVID-19, we still can be a part of the learning process and support initiatives that support local community.       


100% Vaccinated

APMSCO employees and crew were very positive toward the vaccination campaign in Aqaba, Jordan, everyone in APMSCO rushed to get vaccine to support safe and healthy work environment and to consider APMSCO as a "COVID-19 free" organization.
Vaccination campaign has been launched in Aqaba by "Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority" by providing vaccines in different centers around Aqaba including the port, as a procedure to bring back life to normal.
The response of APMSCO team to this campaign has been considered as one of the best in the city as everyone in APMSCO is now vaccinated against COVID-19!